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Colour: Ruby red.
Bouquet: Abundance of ripe fruit with strawberry and mulberry.
Palate: The blend offers a rich bouquet of complex berry flavours on the palate and curries.

Excellent served with game, pasta and poultry dishes.


12,5% by volume

Residual Sugar:

10 g/l

Total Acidity:

5,56 g/l





Drostdy Hof was launched in South Africa in 1973 and has extended its reach into African and key international markets.
Home to centuries of winemaking tradition and a symbol of lasting quality and craftsmanship, De Oude Drostdy in the heart of the Tulbagh valley was established in 1804 and continues to be an inspiration to ensure the continued delivery of consistent quality range of blended wines with magnified flavour that is loved around the world.
A team of skilled winemakers use a long-established and proven age-old process of controlling water to extract the maximum flavour from each grape to create our range of well-balanced, bright and smooth textured wines that are full of life and full of flavour.
Just as the flavour from each grape is magnified, Drostdy Hof is a catalyst that allows one to stop and experience the flavour in life’s everyday special moments that often pass by unnoticed.
Drostdy Hof Claret is a blend of Cabernet Sauvignon, Pinotage, Shiraz and Tinta Barocca.


(Viticulturist: Isabel Habets)
The grapes were sourced from vineyards located at altitudes from 50 metres to 350 metres throughout the wine growing areas of the Western Cape. Some of the vineyards grow under dryland conditions while others receive supplementary irrigation.

Winemaking (Cellar Master: Elize Coetzee)

The grapes were harvested between 23° and 24° Balling during February and March. Fermentation on the skins for six to eight days at temperatures
between 23°C and 25°C ensured a deep red colour and produced a medium-bodied, fruit-driven wine.