Our Culture

Our Culture


Our dream
is to be the preferred and most respected beverage company in Eastern Africa.

We strive to realize our dream
by delighting our consumers in an ethically and socially responsible way, while creating value and enriching the lives of our people, customers, shareholders and communities within which we operate.

Our Six Core Values

Like a six-pack of Kingfisher fruit-wine, we package our core values in the following six indispensable pillars:

1. People
Our people are our enduring advantage and most valued asset.

2. Conduct
We conduct ourselves ethically, with honesty and integrity.

3. Quality
We are single minded in our quest for perfection and sustainability in all we do.

4. Service
We are passionate about our service to both Internal and External Customers.

5. Collaboration
We collaborate, work, win and celebrate as one KWAL Team.

6. Accountability
We take personal responsibility for our commitments and deliverables.

Our Twelve Golden Rules

Good brand packs come in multiples of six. And so does the force behind
, which is our 12 Golden rules;

1. We work, win and celebrate as a Team;

2. We are uncomfortable with Good … We strive for Great;

3. We say what we mean and mean what we say;

4. We are courageous and despise indecisiveness;

5. We behave ethically with integrity, and mutual respect;

6. We strive to keep it simple and fast;

7. We regard Customer Service as an engrained way of working not a department;

8. We recognize the need of holding hard discussions to address poor performance;

9. We recognize that emails are never a substitute for important conversations;

10. We encourage big dreams and a free flow of innovative ideas;

11. We are not afraid to fail, we are afraid not to try;

12. We believe the results are always better than the excuses.

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