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KWAL Defines Delicious with its New Apple Variant

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Kenya’s ready to drink market recorded a new entrant today with the launch of the new Kingfisher Apple fruit wine by wines and spirits giant Kenya Wines Agencies Limited (KWAL). This comes weeks after the firm unveiled a trendy new bottle for Kingfisher Fruit Wine range. Apple, like Strawberry variant is masterfully created synonymous with the 34 year old national brand.  The new flavor has been developed to capture evolving consumer demands for high quality, great tasting and unique refreshments. Apple market entry was celebrated by key stakeholders and media during a cocktail event at the Serena Hotel on Thursday 24th, 2016 evening.

The new apple variant is made from the best ingredients which give the wine its distinct apple flavor, and is best consumed chilled.

Speaking during the launch ceremony KWAL Commercial Director, Lina Githuka revealed that the apple addition was informed by extensive market research that revealed the discerning nature of today’s ready to drink consumers.

“Our products continue to evolve especially to capture our consumers’ taste preference and demand for unique refreshments. Our brand success is anchored on renowned craftsmanship by experienced staff.”

Despite the high competitiveness of the alcohol industry, there has been a positive increase in competition from local players driven by the growing popularity of their products, particularly among the middle-class population. Domestic firms are also supported by wide distribution channels, strong promotional events, affordable pricing models, innovative and attractive packaging.

Kingfisher is a Kenyan fruit wine competing in a category predominantly dominated by International firms. The players in the Ready To Drink (RTD) category are continuously modernizing their brands in order to best target young ladies between the ages of 18-40 years while speaking to their different personalities. The new kingfisher lady is considered to be outgoing, classy and confident with great aspirations about her life.

While presenting the new apple variant during the event, KWAL Marketing Manager Jane Mugun said “Kingfisher has come a long way in the last 3 decades, the journey begun with changing our old bottle to a new slick and trendy bottle, we now introduce Kingfisher Apple Fruit Wine. With this new developments we hope to continue giving you that great tasting fruit wine that keeps you young at heart while maintaining the same old tradition of quality.”

“Kingfisher fruit wine is exciting and the ideal refreshing choice for the elegant and sophisticated lady. “She added.

Driven by Kingfisher’s brand strategy the new apple variant will continue to focus on rallying the evolving modern occasions by capturing the modern woman energy and confidence .The new variant is expected to grow KWAL’s market share in the highly competitive RTD category through generating trial amongst the lower age groups of 20-30 years.

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