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Who We Are

Make it Great for Everyone

Corporate Vision
To be the preferred and most respected beverage company in Eastern Africa.

Corporate Mission
To delight our consumers in an ethically and socially responsible way, while creating value and enriching the lives of our people, customers, shareholders and communities within which we operate.

Our Six Core Values

In fulfilling our mission, KWAL recognizes its core values as:-

Our people are our enduring advantage and most valued asset.

We conduct ourselves ethically, with honesty and integrity.

We are single-minded in our quest for perfection and sustainability in all we do.

We are passionate about our service to both Internal and External Customers.

We collaborate, work, win and celebrate as one KWAL Team.

We take personal responsibility for our commitments and deliverables.

Our Presence

KWAL’s distribution network is spread in the entire Eastern Africa market.

KWAL’s Head office is in Nairobi Kenya; Enterprise Road, with depots in Mombasa, Kisumu, Nyeri (Mt. Kenya Region) and Nakuru. We also have KWAL appointed Distributors in the Eastern African.

Our Brands
KWAL local Brands include: Kingfisher Fruit Wines, Caprice Wines, Yatta Wines, Kibao Vodka, Hunter’s Choice Whisky, Altar Wine, Yatta Grape Juice and KWAL County Brandy.The Company also distributes products by international suppliers including Distell Limited of South Africa. Some Distell products include Amarula, Viceroy Brandy, Drostdy-hof Wines, Cellar Cask Wines and Chamdor Sparkling Juice. Read more about our brands


KWAL was incorporated in 1969 with the objective of providing an avenue for importation and distribution of wines and spirits and enable indigenous Kenyans to participate significantly in this sector;
This was to consolidate importation and distribution of Wines and Spirits from foreign-owned companies and enable indigenous Kenyans to take control of the importation and distribution of Wines and Spirits in the country from hitherto foreign owned companies. KWAL pioneered the wine industry in Kenya, establishing the country’s first commercial winery in 1982.
As a beverage company dealing with both alcoholic drinks – wines and spirits and non-alcoholic ones including grape juice and syrup, KWAL’s business includes manufacturing, importation, distribution, sale and exportation of alcoholic and non alcoholic beverages.
Government of Kenya (GOK), by a Cabinet resolution and subsequent approval of Parliament in November 2012 & February 2013 mandated Privatization Commission to offer 26% of its shareholding of KWAL to a strategic investor;
That phase of the privatization was completed on December 18, 2014 when KWAL became a private company.

Read more about shareholders of KWAL


The KWAL Corporate Logo comprises the following:-

A Lion presenting a bunch of red grapes sitting on the abbreviations of KWAL. The Lion signifies the leadership position that KWAL aspires to maintain the market; just as the Lion is the king of the jungle.

The grapes represent the natural resources from which we select the finest available raw material to make highest quality products.

The Corporate colours of KWAL are burgundy (wine red) and champagne gold which are the two primary classifications of red wine and white wine.

Wine, being a nutritious product for enjoyment, is a flagship product of KWAL and has predominantly been enjoyed by our esteemed clientele, who cherish rewarding themselves and savour the good things in life. This is the delight, value and quality that KWAL brings to its valued clientele and stakeholders.

Therefore, the corporate brand logo signifies delight, quality, and value derived from consuming our world class beverages.

This Lion, the grapes and our corporate colours represent our Corporate promise – MAKE IT GREAT FOR EVERYONE – which is what we endeavour to achieve everyday in pursuit of our mission and vision.

Management Structure

KWAL operations are carried out under the following:

  1. Supply Chain
  2. Commercial
  3. Human Resource and Administration
  4. Company Secretarial and Legal Services
  5. Finance and ICT
  6. Corporate Affairs
  7. Audit and Risk

Read more about Management Team

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