• October 30, 2019

Kwal Social Impact Program Inua Upskills Lives Of Mukuru Youth

Kwal Social Impact Program Inua Upskills Lives Of Mukuru Youth

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Kwal Social Impact Program Inua Upskills Lives Of Mukuru Youth

KWAL hosted a graduation ceremony that marked the launch of their vocational training program targeting the youth dubbed Inua. INUA is KWAL’s latest social impact initiative that seeks to scale a consistent approach in supporting the hospitality sector in Kenya through skills training. This is facilitated in partnership with like-minded partners to boost the initiatives already being undertaken in the society on how to positively impact the livelihood of the youth.

The first beneficiaries of the program were selected from Mukuru Promotion Centre and trained at the Kenya Utalii College. KWAL initiated the first phase of the program with the neighbouring community; Mukuru informal settlement at Nairobi Industrial Area, Charity begins at home. This initiative comes in the wake of the global and regional concerns that youth especially those from disadvantaged backgrounds are more likely to be vulnerable in becoming prey to illegal activities and risky behaviours. Inua is aimed at enhancing their personal growth, career progression and uplift their family livelihoods. Through the program, 43 Youth successfully completed a course in Hospitality, Food and Beverage Service techniques trained by Kenya Utalii College. Kenya Utalii College created the curriculum and facilitated the theoretical and practical skills training. KWAL additionally facilitated an alcohol awareness module which equipped the learners with the necessary knowledge on alcohol misuse and abuse and responsible drinking.

“As an organization, we celebrated our 50th Anniversary early this year. Part of our commitment and Corporate Promise; to make it great for everyone is to expand our partnerships and value offering to all our stakeholders,” said KWAL Managing Director Lina Githuka. She added, “Whilst the initiative seeks to give back to society within the KWAL value chain, the effects of skills training further impacts in the attainment of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Amongst them the support of life-long learning opportunities through quality education which in turn promotes sustainable economic growth through productive employment and decent work for all. This, as you may realise also enables the Kenyan Government to gain adequate manpower necessary for the attainment of vision 2030 and the Big 4 agenda.”

KWAL intends to scale up the Inua program following the successful implementation with the first class. In order to accompany the effective implementation of the program, an alumni group will be formed and will aid in tracking the success stories and best practice from the first set of graduates to ensure the sustainability of the initiative. KWAL awarded the best-performed student with a double chips fryer and a commercial potato chopper which will enable the student to begin their own business and earn an income.

The chief guest at the event, Mr. Hashim D Mohamed Principal and CEO of Kenya Utalii College encouraged the graduates to use the skills gained in the course of the program to advance their career in the Hospitality Industry, “Do not remain in your comfort zone but reach out to see how you can impact with your skills. Not every project or task you undertake must be successful—when it is not successful, learn from the mistakes made, and take the necessary remedial measures on the next project. I urge you to bear this in mind as it is your responsibility to ensure that you exploit your full potential as you strive towards becoming independent.” Kenya Utalii College awarded the second best student based on merit with 3months internship at Utalii Hotel.

Kenya Utalii College a leading hospitality and tourism training institution in Africa; and has trained over 68,000 graduates from around the world, the majority of whom have served in the local and international industry. Over the last decade, KWAL has been sponsoring the college through awarding the best student in the Bar Operations course. Through the sponsorship, KWAL has been able to create and maintain a relationship with the college.

The Director of Mukuru Promotion Centre Sister, Mary Kileen who was also present at the graduation ceremony congratulated the students on their achievements and acknowledged KWAL for the great initiative to empower the youth in Mukuru.

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