• July 15, 2022

KWAL Donates Ethanol for the mass production of Hand Sanitizers

KWAL Donates Ethanol for the mass production of Hand Sanitizers

150 150 Kenya Wine Agencies Ltd


Kenya Wine Agencies Limited (KWAL) is contributing to efforts to fight the spread of the Coronavirus in the country. The Company donated 105,000 litres of ethanol to Kenya Pipeline Company (KPC) who are mandated to oversee a government initiative for the mass production and distribution of hand sanitizers. The hand sanitizers will be distributed free to Kenyans to aid flatten the curve of the deadly virus.

The donation is in line with initiatives demonstrated by both public and private organisations to support the Government’s efforts to mitigate spread of the virus in the wake of the pandemic.

KWAL Chairman Kuria Muchiru said ‘‘KWAL is committed as a responsible corporate citizen, to integrate business values to meet emerging national priorities and contribute positively to Kenyan livelihoods and the economy. We are extending our support to the Kenyan government to boost efforts to manage the situation and fight against the spread of COVID-19. Our donation will go towards mass production of hand sanitisers which will contribute to enhancing hygiene and sanitization efforts for Kenyans, particularly those facing water shortage.”

KWAL MD Lina Githuka added as follows, ‘We have also collaborated with a local faith-based charity organization to mobilise resources that will support low income households with food, soap and water storage tanks in the community neighbouring KWAL Headquarters in Industrial Area Nairobi. We all have a role to play and our collective efforts will go a long way in reducing the impact of COVID-19 on our people and country.”

The Company, which recently celebrated its 50th anniversary and is a significant contributor to the Exchequer, has continuously collaborated with the Government on various other initiatives. KWAL, in partnership with industry and the manufacturing sector has also been a key driver in the national fight against illicit liquor and counterfeit alcohol, which, besides endangering people’s lives have led to tax revenue losses for government.


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