Whisky production is an age old tradition that originated in northern Africa and spread to Europe through the Moors. At KWAL we pride ourselves in presenting whisky to all, through our Hunter's Choice Whisky - a specially blended fine whisky with a rich, smooth and mellow texture for the discerning drinker.


At KWAL we present our customers with County brady which has an original aroma and taste. It is an authentic Kenyan brandy distilled from wine and matured to a great taste. We also deal with Viceroy which is a wonderfully matured brandy of higher standard than other brandies, making it one of the world's great tastes in brandy.


Vodka is an alcoholic spirit of Russian origin made by distillation of rye, wheat or potatoes. At KWAL we are privileged to have Kibao Vodka to warm our hearts and spirits all year round. Kibao Vodka represents pure value for money. It is best served as a relaxing social lubricant with with a variety of popular cocktails. It is available in 750,350 & 250ml.


Like bottled poetry, celebrate the occassion with fine wine that makes your taste buds explodes with excitment. At KWAL the wine brands we deal with include Caprice Wines, Kingfisher Strawberry, Altar Wine, Cellar Cask, Drostdy Hof, Amarula Cream among others

Fruity Juices

Natural fruit is the best source for a refreshing, tasty and heaithy juice. At Kwal we present our customers with an assortment of juices which include: Yatta Tropical Juice, Yatta red grape Juice, Yatta White grape Juice and Yatta mango Juice. Yatta juices are 100% pure juices with no added sugar, colour, flavours or preservatives.

KWAL History Of Quality

Kenya Wine Agencies Ltd(KWAL) was incorporated in 1969 and pioneered Kenya's first commercial winery in 1982. It has since then consistently produced quality wines and spirits for the Kenyan and larger Eastern and Central Africa market.

Our Brands

Among our portfolio of products are leading world brands including: Yatta Juices (Yatta red and White Grape,Yatta Mango, Yatta Tropical variants), Kingfisher fruit wine,Caprice Wines, Hunter's Choice Whisky, Kibao Vodka, County Brandy and Altar Wine.

Among the portfolio of our International brands include; Viceroy Brandy, Amarula Cream, Drostdy Hof Wines, Cellar Cask wines, Savannah Cider and Scottish leader whisky.

Contact Us

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